Bread Billows



Quite often, I hear people saying or articles suggesting that we all need to "try something new" or "do something you've never done." I think that people sometimes take this suggestion to the extreme and think they need to reinvent themselves. Trying new things does not mean ditching everything you have ever known.

In times past, I have wasted time thinking I needed to try new things and "venture out" and those thoughts were results of pressures of other people and the world making me think that what I have isn't good enough. Sometimes i think we convince ourselves that where we are in life is boring and too repetitive to be where we are meant to be. Before I learned what I really wanted, I tried on different groups of people that seemed like they might be better than what I began with, but I always figured out in the end that I should have never let the pressures of the world put me somewhere that I did not belong.

I believe in growing deeper inward instead of growing outward. It is more important to develop closer and more intimate relationships with those that have been placed in your life, instead of searching elsewhere for completion. That is what is truly meaningful. & sometimes it takes getting deeper into someone's life to make a difference.

I find joy in daily tradition. its the little things in life that we do or receive from someone else that make the normal days feel special such as having morning tea or coffee, seeing your best friends & roommates each day, friends making sure you made it home safe, having time in the day to see what's happening in the lives of those close to you, or even calling your mom each night. If you start to appreciate or to create daily tradition with the people in your life, you will realize all the love your life is filled with and you won't want to be anywhere else.

Sure, we should always be growing, learning, and trying new things, but that does not mean you have to let go of the life you have already built. We are where we are in our lives for a reason.  Learning & growing can come from going on trips with friends, starting projects together, or volunteering. For yourself you can start new hobbies you enjoy, spend more time serving other people, or worship God in new ways than before.

I believe it is important to reach out to those you do not know well and show all people love and kindness...but you should never neglect those who have spent time investing in you and supporting you along the way.

-from Anna with love