It's easy being green


It's not easy being green.

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When I hear the word green, many images come to mind. I think of grass, salad, my favorite sweater, recycling, and so much more. In our society, the word "green" has gained many more uses and meanings than just a color in the rainbow. Here are some ways in which I incorporate the color green into my life.

  1. Eat your greens (or drink them)

Feeding your body nourishing foods is so important and one big category you need to have guessed it: GREENS. I know we all have different taste buds and some people hate the taste of vegetables, but I think if you keep trying different recipes and ways of cooking you can find something you truly enjoy. One way I like to get my greens in is to drink them. No matter what fruits I'm using in my smoothie that day, I always throw in either some kale or spinach to get in vitamins and minerals. Leafy greens are high in Vitamins A, C, K, and many more. The vitamins mentioned specifically aid your immune system, cell growth, and help skin health and vision. Here's a recipe for my go-to:

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What you'll need:

  • kale

  • pineapple juice (masks kale taste)

  • frozen or raw fruit (i like strawberry, blueberry, blackberry mix)

  • almond milk (optional)

  • ice (if using raw fruit)

  • then just blend away!!

I also love just baking kale sprinkled with salt & pepper and drizzled with olive oil for 10-15 minutes at 350 degrees to make kale chips! They're delicious with or without a side of hummus. Another easy way to get in greens is by just adding some to whatever you have already decided you're eating. Such as adding spinach to your sandwich or chopped up cucumbers as a side. Health is wealth.

2. Go green bean

One thing I have tried to be better at, is being more aware of news & current events happening in the world. A topic I have become quite interested in is global warming and climate change. After doing a lot of research and watching numerous documentaries (I recommend Cowspiracy and Forks over Knives), I've become aware of the reality of how our everyday actions are affecting the planet.

Here are some things that have put it in perspective:

  • 40%of food is wasted in the United States...FORTY PERCENT

  • according to the Food Research & Action Center, 13.8% (131,800 people) are food insecure in Wake County

As I see the issue of food insecurity having more awareness, I reflect on my own actions. I know we can't be perfect and that avocados go from ripe to rotten quite fast, but I really think people should be considerate of how much food they need to buy and how to use it before it is added to the 40% of waste in the US. I am grateful that at Meredith College, we do have a place to compost to make food scraps and rotten pieces useful. There are people who do not know where there next meal is coming from and we should be taking better care of our world in order to have resources more easily available to people.

When people hear "go green" most just think of recycling or driving a small car, but it also should mean using less water, turning off lights when you leave the room, and also reducing the amount of animal products you consume and purchase.



3. See the green, be the green

go outside. take walks. find greenways.

they're called greenways for a reason. soak up vitamin D from being outside & exercising.

With this warm Winter in North Carolina, now is the perfect time to get outside and see the greens around you. There's just something satisfying to the soul when you're outside and the weather is 100% perfect. It's a free & natural stress reliever.



4. Kermit Klothes & Kolors

sweater, walls, the color.

I love how the color green is a year round color. We wear green during Christmas, it reminds us of springtime, muted green during fall, and bright limes during summer. It's universally know as a cool, calm, & collected color and I very much agree. My current favorite sweater is a muted green one from Forever 21 and I almost wear it everyday (featured in my last blog).

I hope these tips & tricks make it seem easy to get some green in your life. Also, enjoy this candid of me below.

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Be more aware. Be the change you want to see. Be considerate.

Thank you for joining me at The Coffee Table.

-from Anna with love