Have a Seat at The Coffee Table


Happy 2017 and welcome to The Coffee Table. I felt like a new year would be the perfect time to embark on something that I have been wanting to start for a while...& now you're looking at it. As of late, I have wanted something to spark within me some creativity, and ask anyone, drawing is not my forte, but writing on the other hand, is something I very much enjoy. So, mug in hand, I started a blog. I wanted a place that embodies my personality and all the things I enjoy most in life. Then through my recent contemplation of why people flock to coffee shops to do their business and schoolwork, I came to the conclusion that coffee inherently holds the power of productivity and creativeness. And there began The Coffee Table.

In my experience, some of the best conversation has been had around the coffee table. But sometimes life makes it difficult to have everyone around one table at once with mugs in their hands, so I want to do this virtually. The Coffee Table is a place where one can find a bit of bliss, holding a mug or not, wherever you might be. A place to find respite and enjoy coffee talks of God, life, love, fashion, friendship, nutrition, this, that, & the other. Welcome.

& I hope to see you again soon around The Coffee Table

-from Anna with love