This, That, & a New Year


Happy 2017! As I began this new year, I reflected on the past year's resolutions and end result. I quickly realized that for as long as I can remember my new year's resolutions have always been to just eat healthier and get fit. I always add on the goal to grow closer to God because that is something that I know should always be occurring, but looking back, I never tell people that one. Why is it that when people ask me what my resolution is that I don't answer "to grow closer to the Lord" and THEN follow by my other resolutions to be healthier? I think the reason for this is partly from how I had been viewing eating healthy and getting fit in early 2016 and long before that. In this world we live in it can become so much easier to pay attention to our physical needs and wants over the mental & spiritual ones because everything sold and catered to us seems to deal with the physical.  Over the course of this year I truly learned what it meant to be healthy and how to take care of my body through the nutrition classes I have taken, my fellow peers in my major, and most importantly through my normal day to day experiences. 2016 taught me that what is truly important is my commandment to take care of my body which is the temple of God. For the first time, I began to view being healthy as something important not for myself and my appearance, but instead something that can bless my mind and body so that I can serve God and others with full confidence. I also think this commandment to care for our bodies applies just as much to the state of our soul and mind as much as it does to our physical bodies. I believe we should take care of the bodies that God has given us and fuel them with nutrients that our bodies crave and desire. I believe that no foods are bad foods and that it's okay to eat Bojangles.

So now that it is officially 2017, my resolution is to walk with God every step and to love others and myself the way that God loves. I think that by that being my priority, eating healthy and getting fit falls right under that in my passion for health and wellness. Know that you are deeply loved and there is nothing more you need to be, do, or have in order to be happy apart from the love of God.

Thank you again for joining me at The Coffee Table

-from Anna with love