Let's Spill the Tea


This post is sponsored by Celestial Seasonings but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

It’s time to spill the tea on some of my favorite ways to get cozy and stress free at the end of the day. I tend to never get too anxious or stressed until night strikes. The daytime is filled with promise and plenty of hours to cross things off my to do list, but by the end of the day, my mind compiles a long list of MORE things it thinks I need to do. This feeling used to creep up on me more often than not and give me such a difficult time falling asleep BUT I have finally found some soothing solutions. So if you have trouble turning your mind off at night, 10/10 recommend these three things.

1) Ashwaghanda

Never had I ever had such a noticeable difference by taking a supplement until a friend of mine told me about Ashwaghanda. This supplement helps relieve stress (don’t ask me how but it does) and I have not had any nights of tossing and turning since I started taking it before bed every night. The craziest thing is that I have a bad habit of drinking a cappuccino at like 8 pm some nights and then having major regrets later when I can’t sleep because of all the espresso. Now, when I take Ashwaghanda post cappuccino, I still go straight to sleep. It’s truly saved me from lots of regret and sleepless nights. Here is the brand I like to buy: http://himalayausa.com/products/best-sellers/organic-ashwagandha/


2) A Cup of Tea, Please

A cup of coffee in my hand is like covering myself with fuzzy socks and a blanket, but like I just said about my cappuccino habit, sometimes the caffeine is not the best to have all of the time. My evening drink of choice as of late is a piping hot cup of tea. Nothing more classy than a cup of tea. I love that I can have my relaxing feeling without the caffeine. The Peppermint Tea by Celestial Seasonings is my FAVE.

A close second is the Country Peach Passion because it is so naturally sweet, full of flavor, and it doesn’t need a touch of honey!! Peach tea is the taste of summertime. I always buy it bottled at the grocery store when the weather gets warm, but I am getting a bit impatient for that kind of weather to happen so probably making a pitcher of the Country Peach Passion to keep in my fridge at all times because YUM. This tea also has stringless tea bags and comes packaged in recycled boxes which saves more than 3.5 million pounds of waste in landfills per year. That’s a whole lot of strings.


These prices doe


Evening tea keeps me soothed which leads to good rest which leads to me accomplishing all of my goals. Heck to the yes.

Here are some of my favorites ($2.24 at Walmart!!) : https://ooh.li/2d268b3

3) Winning Combo: Men’s Size Large pajama pants and the shareable size bag of M&M minis.

First thing I do when I get home is put on my stretchiest pajama pants and later eat some post-dinner chocolate, preferably M&M minis. No shame.

These items all keep me in a healthy mindset. Happy, healthy, and alive. Get your pjs on, grab a cup of tea, and get your self-care on!

- from Anna with love