What Galentine's Weekend Dreams are Made of

(Part 1)


Staycation is the new Spring break

Adults gotta make their own spring break. We deserve it.

Happy March (and almost Springtime!) I know the big Month of Love holidays are over, but I’m still feelin the love. This past month brought upon me a lot of appreciation for many different things. I am blessed and thankful for the energy I’ve had to still spend time with friends and family, because as someone super involved in the world social media, it can feel as if I’m always working and aka out of extra hours to not use for sleep!! Slowly, but surely, I’m adjusting to fit it all in. I’m also super appreciative of being able to work. Even though to-do lists can get a little daunting, this month I have felt “too blessed to be stressed.” I am so grateful to have found a job in which I can be with people AND be creative. My list could go on and on and get all dramatic so I’ll spare you. Instead, let’s talk celebration.


A few months ago, my gal pal and I decided we desperately needed a getaway! A change of scenery, some food we’ve never tasted, and just some good rest! We searched airbnbs in all different places from DC to Charleston, but then my friend texted me and said, “Wait, I have an even better idea. Let’s just stay in Raleigh and have a staycation.” From then on, we started making big plans for the Best. Weekend. Ever. and made it entirely Galentine’s themed because who doesn’t love that Galentine’s has become a full on national holiday!?!?

IMG_4580 (1).JPG

First off, a weekday evening before our official Galentine’s Weekend was in full swing, we visited Hand and Stone in Waverly Place of Cary. This was a pretty monumental moment because neither me or Maddy had ever had a massage before. We scheduled relaxation massages for 8 pm (they even do as late as 9pm!!) and we were greeted with cucumber water and sounds of the ocean playing through the speakers. What I loved about Hand and Stone was that option to have a massage late at night. I get off work at 6, so with dinner and unpacking my things from the day, I am usually just getting home when things are closing. It was nice that I did not have to rush at all to get to my appointment and you can make changes to your time even the day before.

Aside from how relaxing the massage was, the masseuse was extremely helpful and gave me an entire map of my problem areas. The calming music and the distraction free zone for an hour was exactly what we all need in this hectic world we live in. My masseuse also suggested I take up yoga sooooo maybe I’ll actually do that now that a professional told me I should. Post relaxation massage we of course hit up Gonza’s right next door for a little Mexican Flag action. If you have not had that dish you need to GO NOW.

The next day was FRI-YAY and we checked into our hotel the second it hit 3 pm with enough clothes for 20 days of course. This weather in NC is unpredictable lately ok. For our Galentine’s Weekend we chose to stay at the Hilton Raleigh North Hills. It’s location close to Downtown and many shopping centers, made it the perfect spot for us! As soon as we got to the room we changed into robes, hopped onto the freshly made bed, and ordered room service champagne and pizza because why not!?

This was my first time ever getting to order room service because my parents never let me do that during our vacations. Thank you Hilton for giving me this glamorous opportunity.

After enjoying laying around in silky white sheets and soft robes for a while, we got ready for our girl’s night out. Our first stop was an all time favorite of mine, Whiskey Kitchen. Not only is the restaurant and bar designed beautifully, but the food is some of the best I have ever had. Their aioli and fries are the best in town. From cocktails to shrimp rolls, they have a wide variety of choices regardless of how much of a picky eater you might be.


My favorite part of our meal was when one of the owners came up and asked what we were ordering for dessert. We told him the choices we were between and told us we HAD to have the “Shoo Fly Pie” which is their twist on pecan pie and has been on the menu since day one. He then told us not to choose and just get both. Best suggestion of the night. We all need more people in our lives who are like that.

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After we were filled to the brim with pie, we checked out the Cinebistro in Waverly Place Cary to see the latest chick flick. We got our tickets to “What Men Want” and surprisingly didn’t fall asleep. We’re grandmas who usually don’t stay up past 10 pm so that definitely speaks to how good the movie was. We were so full from dinner that we didn’t partake in their food options that night, but I went again a few days later, because I had to see “Isn’t it Romantic”, and that time I tried all the things. If you ever go to the Cinebistro, just make sure you definitely save room for dessert. The Cin-ful Chocolate Cake is something you do not want to miss. There’s just something super cool about getting to have a steak dinner with a glass of wine while you watch like, The Incredibles 2. I did that once. What an experience. They also have a bar and seating area in the lobby that makes you feel like you’re not even at a theater. It’s the perfect place to come early for a drink or bite before your movie starts!


Let’s just say this was an epic day that we had been looking forward to for such a long time. Even though we were still in Raleigh, just sleeping in a different bed and doing some extra treating ourselves goes a long way and fulfill our longing for vacation. And Day Two gets even better!! Stay tuned for a second blog post about this fabulous weekend!

Thank you to Hilton North Hills, Whiskey Kitchen, Hand and Stone Waverly Place, and Cinebistro for sponsoring this post! You made our staycation one of a kind!

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