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Can’t Brunch without a toast

Happy Monday friends! I super excited this blog post because 1) Sam took some amazing photos of the food you’re about to see that makes me want to eat it all over again and 2) how can one not be excited about mimosas. Yesterday, I ventured out to so•ca in Cameron Village to try their Sunday brunch menu and now I’m gonna tell ya what you have to try!

I had dined at so•ca when they first opened long ago, back when I was heavily involved with the local nonprofit, A Place at the Table. Back before APATT even opened, we had a pop up at so•ca during Sunday brunch, but back then I wasn’t adventurous when it came to food and got the churro waffles. Don’t get me wrong, the churro waffles are amazing, but definitely not the most adventurous dish on the menu. I can’t believe I haven'‘t gone since then! A complete shame on me! I got to know so•ca owner, Sean Degnan, as he became board chair of APATT and I have always admired Sean’s knowledge and passion for great cuisine and am so happy to share it with you all today.


Alright let’s dig in. First, we started with cocktails. Let me just say, going into this I had only planned on having a simple mimosa, but then we ended up trying all the photogenic drinks…Really glad we did though because WOW the la pina loca (pictured) was amazing. Pretty and just tasted like high quality pineapple juice.


On Sunday during brunch, every table gets a complimentary plate of pan de yuca, which are basically a South American version of cheese biscuits. For the main course, I decided to switch it up from the churro waffles and instead ordered the Mexican Omelette. This dish features fresh corn tortillas, local peppers, red onion, oacaxa, salsa verde, garlic roasted local potatoes. Sam went with Churrasco y Huevos, aka, steak & eggs, but like guuuuuud steak & eggs. We also ordered a small plate of the lobster fritters because everytime I look at the online menu they catch my eye. YOU MUST GET THESE. I feel like lobster items are always a hit or miss for me, but this app is an absolute win. There is a great amount of lobster, they’re fried to perfection, and have fantastic flavor.


Everything at so•ca was fantastic, from the beautiful plating to the wonderful waitstaff, and the freshest tasting ingredients. Shoutout to our waitress Mikaela if you’re actually reading this! You were awesome.

Promise me this, once the weather gets a little cooler, go with some friends and loved ones, sit on the outdoor patio of so•ca (there’s tons of twinkly lights), and enjoy lobster fritters and the la pina loca cocktail! I also highly recommend their Sunday brunch. No matter the time of day you choose to go, you’re gonna find something you’ll enjoy! And don’t let ingredients you’re not familiar with scare you away from trying something new!

Cheers to brunch, coffee, and cocktails!

-from Anna with love

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Anna Haddock